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What Is Good Food?

We only offer Good Food at our online Shop—food that’s good for your health, our community, and the planet, and food that most definitely makes your family’s bellies happy! We do the heavy lifting for you by scouring food labels to ensure every item at our Shop meets our minimum Good Food Standards: Focused on No artificial sweeteners, preservatives, colors, and flavors; hormones; antibiotics; high-fructose corn syrup; trans fats; nitrates/nitrites; bleached/bromated flour to list a few. We have also gone to great lengths to include each products ingredients and ingredients label so you can check for yourself.

We then make online grocery shopping easy by tagging products with the most common food intolerances so you can easily sort them.


Why Get Good Food?

  1. Good Food can transform your health. Many studies show that eating more fruits and vegetables improves energy, mood, digestion, and skin, as well as reduces risk of obesity, diabetes, heart disease, and cancer.
  2. Good Food can transform your family's health. Preparing meals with the bounty of a weekly produce box will teach children that veggies are delicious, instill lifelong healthy eating habits, build their immune systems, and keep them focused at school.
  3. Good Food connects you to the community. Your Door to Door Organics order supports local family farms, artisan producers, and neighbors in need of Good Food.
  4. Good Food is also good for the environment. We consider environmental impact in every aspect of our business, from the farm to your door. Our farmers are dedicated stewards of the land who use certified organic practices that are healthier for all animals--including humans--better for the soil, and reduce carbon emissions. By partnering with more local producers and strategizing our delivery routes, we're also helping you reduce the number of miles it takes for Good Food to get to you.
  5. Shopping online is easier and quicker than a trip to the store. You can shop conveniently from your home, avoid traffic and crowds, and add items to your order the moment you realize you need something.
  6. Shopping online and home delivery saves you money. Fewer stops at the grocery store equals less money spent on gas. You can also reduce the cost of your weekly order when you opt for a co-op delivery with neighbors or coworkers. By shopping on our website throughout the week, you'll see exactly what you're spending and find it easier to remove items from your cart.
  7. Shopping online means you're less likely to make bad food decisions. With Door to Door Organics, you're filling your cart with organic fruits and vegetables or natural meat, dairy, and grocery items -- not unhealthy impulse buys you don't need.
  8. We offer more variety. We partner with many farms to bring you a larger selection of the freshest organic produce year-round. We also offer locally sourced farm-fresh eggs, natural gourmet cheese, locally raised meats, artisan breads, and value-priced pantry staples.
  9. We make meal planning simple and inspiring. We not only bring Good Food from the farm to your door, we also help you get it to your dinner table! The Door To Door Organics Kitchen and its customized recipes helps you easily plan nutritious everyday meals and Shop by Recipe for any additional items you need. You save time, cook with inspiration, and eat well all week.
  10. Good Food tastes amazing! When food is the freshest it can be, not sprayed with pesticides, not processed, not packed with preservatives, hormone- and antibiotic-free, raised humanely, in support of family farms ... it just tastes better, don't you think? We do!